The letter ش

استكشف ما أحرزناه من تقدّم عبر 190 بلداً وإقليماً حيث نعمل على أرض الواقع لصالح الأطفال. Tail letters are ج ح خ س ش ص ض ع غ ط ظ ف ق ل The tail stretches out to join hands with the next letter eg ﻞﺧ ﻢﻋ ﻲﺻ _____ The letters د and ذ sit up straight when another letter joins them ﺪﺗ ﺬﺣ _____ Alphabet Letter A Preschool Activities and Crafts at First-School

    حجم المستطيل
  1. It is preceded by ش ‎ (š) and followed by ض ‎ (ḍ)
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  3. This table shows the shape of the letter shiin ش
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  6. Therefore, every letter may be classified either as a connector, i